DIG-CWONO Clean water No Waste 400mm x 75mm

Clean Water No Waste

DIG-BW Bulk Waste 400mm x 75mm

Bulk Waste
Can be customised

DIG-GR Garbage Room 400mm x 75mm

Garbage Room
Can be customised

DIG-GR Garbage Chute 400mm x 75mm

Garbage Chute

DIG-CWB Car Wash Bay 400mm x 75mm

Car Wash Bay
Can be customised

DIG-LZ Loading Zone 400mm x 75mm

Loading Zone
Can be customised

DIG-TBE Temporary Bin Enclosure 400mm x 75mm

Temporary Bin Enclosure

DIG-GR Green Waste Room 400mm x 75mm

Green Waste Room

DIG-T Toilet 400mm x 75mm

Can be customised

DIG-SR Store Rooms 400mm x 75mm

Store Rooms
Can be customised

DIG-UR Utility Room 400mm x 75mm

Utility Room
Can be customised

DIG-CTS Ctaker Store 400mm x 75mm

Ctaker Store
Can be customised

DIG-GR Commercial Waste Room400mm x 75mm

Commercial Waste Room

DIG-GR Resdential Waste Room 400mm x 75mm

Residential Waste Room

DIG-BSR Bulk Store Room 400mm x 75mm

Bulk Store Room

DIG-NBN NBN 400mm x 75mm


DIG-G-COM Garbage compactor 400mm x 75mm

Garbage Compactor