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Corporate Identity Design

Statutory Electrical Door Signs

DIG-EMS-LCAR Electrical Main Switchboard Located In Level 1 Carpark Adjacent
To Ramp 600mm x 100mm

Electrical Main Switch Board - Location

DIG-EC Electrical and Communication 400mm x 100mm

Electrical and Communication

DIG-EC Electrical Main Swtich Board 500mm x 130mm

Electrical Main Switch Board

DIG-EC Electrical Meter Room 400mm x 100mm

Electrical Meter Room

DIG-EM Electrical Meters 400mm x 75mm

Electrical Meters

DIG-MSR Main Switch Room Authorised Persons Only 600mm x 100mm

Electrical Main Switch Room

Statutory Garbage and Utility

DIG-TP Test Pressure 720 kPa 400mm x 75mm

TP Test Pressure 720 kPa

DIG-CWB Car Wash Bay 400mm x 75mm

Car Wash Bay

DIG-L LIFT 400mm x 75mm


DIG-C Communications 400mm x 75mm


DIG-LZ Loading Zone 400mm x 75mm

Loading Zone