0.38 mm Plastic Business Cards. 85.5x54 mm

Create Plastic waterproof cards that make the first impression.


Plastic Business Cards - 0.38mm

Create a lasting first impressions with clients and enhance the image of your business by printing custom letterhead on high quality premium paper stock. 


Enticing Envelopes to Package the Message!

Compel clients to view content of inviting envelopes.


Available in DL, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3

Stock - 150gsm Gloss, 150gsm Matt, 200gms Gloss


DIG-CWB Car Wash Bay 400mm x 75mm

Car Wash Bay
Can be customised

DIG-GWM Gas and Water Meters 400mm x 75mm

Gas and Water Meters
Can be customised

DIG-FHB Fire Hydrant Booster 

Fire Hydrant Booster Signs
Can be customised

DIG-MSR Main Switch Room Authorised Persons Only 600mm x 100mm

Main Switch Room
Can be customised

Exit Signs Ground 180 x 50mm

Braille Level Exist Signs

Male Toilet Sign - 210 x 80 mm

Available in Blue & Silver

Toilet Braille (M) Signs

High quality Gloss adhesive stock.

Available in different sizes from tiny stickerd as small as 25mm x75mm and as large as A3 sheet size sticker.

Indoor Vinyl Stickers

Male, Female, Unisex Shower Sign - 210 x 180 mm

Available in Male, Female and Unisex, Blue & Silver

Shower (M,F,U)