Digicraft Design

Step 1. Price Calculator

Total : $85

Follow the BCA requirement for your custom braille signs Braille and tactile sign specification

  • Tactile characters must be raised or embossed height: 
    • 1mm - 1.5mm
  • Sentence case, upper case for first letter and lower case for the others
  • Upper case character hight:
    • 15mm - 55mm
    • 20mm - 55mm (Exit Signs)
  • Lower case characters must have 50% height of related upper case characters
  • Tactile Characters, symbols and frame must have rounded edges
  • The minimum letter spacing of tactile characters on sign must be 2mm
  • The minimum word spacing of tactile characters on sign must be 10mm
  • Letter strokes must be 2mm - 7mm thick
  • Tactile test must be left-justified, single words may be centered
  • Tactile text must be Arial Typeface

Click Here To View Full Specification D3.6 Braille and Tactile Signs