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Braille and Tactile Ambulant toilet signs are required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1) for:

  • Information on the availability of ambulant toilet facilities
  • Direction pointing to the location of the facility
  • Identification to ensure that people with disabilities can easily recognize the facility

Digicraft is one of the leading providers of statutory signage solutions in Australia. We specialize in designing signage that is compliant with relevant regulations. Made from high-quality materials, designed for visibility and durability, Digicraft has a wide range of signs to choose from.


  • Uses internationally recognised symbols
  • Ideal for internal/external use
  • With UV protection for fade resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Vandal resistant
  • Complies with The Building Code of Australia (Section D3.6)
  • Complies with Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1-2011)
  • Complies with Public Information Symbol Signs (AS2899.1-1986)

Standard Stock

  • Standard stock sign sizes are 180mm x 180mm x 3mm and 180mm x 210mm x 3mm, depending on content
  • Available in Blue & White and Silver & Black 

Customize it!

We also offer our clients the flexibility of customizing signs to fit their design and material requirements.

Contact Digicraft today to learn more about our statutory signage and design services. Let Digicraft help you create the perfect signs for your project.

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Female Ambulant Toilet Signs

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