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Garbage & Utility statutory signs are a type of signage that is required by building regulatory standards to be installed in certain areas of buildings. These signs are used to provide information about the location of waste management and maintenance facilities. 

Digicraft is one of the leading providers of Garbage and Utility statutory signage solutions in Australia. We specialize in designing signage that are compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as well as other relevant regulations. Made from high-quality materials, designed for visibility and durability, our wide range of signs includes:

  • Waste separation signs: These signs tell people how to separate their garbage into different categories, such as green waste, residential and commercial waste.
  • Waste disposal signs: These signs tell people where to put their garbage, such as in bins or garbage chutes.
  • Waste management facility signs: These signs provide information about the waste management facility such as garbage compactors, recycle rooms, bin rooms, and garbage rooms.
  • Utility Door signs
  • And more

We also offer our clients the flexibility of customizing signs to fit their design and material requirements.

Contact Digicraft today to learn more about our statutory signage and design services. Let Digicraft help you create the perfect signs for your project.