Digicraft Design

All signs are manufactured from PVC to a depth of 3mm 

• All signs are injection moulded so that all graphics are of a continuous nature for hygiene purposes as set out in Building Code of Australia BCA section D3.6

• Moulded signs mean that adhesive failure on symbol, letters and braille dots is impossible which in turn extends the life of each sign

• Sign sizes are 180mm x 50mm x 3mm

• Silver signs are coated with a micro metallic silver acrylic lacquer to give the appearance of clear anodized aluminium

• Tactile character & symbols have a minimum 30% luminance–contrast with the background

•Complies with The Building Code of Australia (Section D3.6)

•  Complies with Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1-2011)

•  Complies with Public Information Symbol Signs (AS2899.1-1986)


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