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Fire Alarm Block Plans

Also known as zone block plans, these are required to be installed adjacent to fire indicator panels, FIP and MIMIC panels. This must also show the location of the FIP as well and the area of each fire alarm zone marked.

Evacuation Diagrams

These diagrams are REQUIRED in all buildings, structures and workplace that are, or may be occupied by people. All fire-fighting equipment must be marked along with their locations in red, and designated exits must be marked in green. Each diagram will be valid for 5 years.

Hydrant Block Plans

Hydrant block plans are located within the booster, fire control room and pump room and must me water and fade resistant. Each fire hydrant, stop valve and any other fire related equipment must be clearly marked on a A3 size (Minimum)

Sprinkler Block Plans

Sprinkler block plans are located at each of the set of installation control assemblies, these must be water-resistant and fade-resistant. This should include the layout of the protected areas where the main stop valve are located.

Tactical Fire Plans

These are building/site plans that are installed within the fire control room or fire control centre, these show the location of fire safety equipment and services