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Don't Ignore the Importance of Envelopes!

An envelope is what a package is to a product. Create the one that your recipient would like to open.

Quality envelope products from Australian brands Tudor you know and trust. For everyday mailing needs to professional solutions, Australian Office can provide you with the products and services that are second to none.

Select Type of DL envelopes

Secretive envelopes have a pattern printed on the inside of the envelope. This gives security to sensitive letters and documents.

Press & Seal envelopes are another of the most popular sealing methods. They eradicate the need for moistening the flap and practically do all the work themselves. All you have to do is apply the two 'glued' flaps together. These envelopes have a strip of latex on each flap so that when they are pressed together, they form an instant bond

Peel n Sealenvelopes are self seal envelopes that have a removable strip that leaves adhesive exposed so a flap can be pressed and sealed without moistening

Plainface - NO WINDOW


DL (110x220mm)1000$ 170
2000$ 300
3000$ 390
4000$ 440
5000$ 550
10000$ 900
DLX (120x235mm)1000$ 180
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