Statutory FIRE Signs

Statutory Signage

Statutory are required to be installed on commercial, retail and residential developments in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  

This Signage requires fire services signage, Electrical Signs, Gas/water meter signs, danger signage,  toilet signage, braille signage and more within a particular building or development.

At Digicraft Design we have years of experience in statutory signage to suit your budget. From Allupanel with Vinyl lettering to Stainless Steel Engraved  and Braille signs. All designed according to regulations letter Height, colours an installed at correct viewing heights.

At Digicraft We understand the importance of these signs to the approval of construction site, we make and stock standard signs and  can make all our vinyl lettering signs within 24 hours or even 1 hours for urgent orders.

*** Can't find what you are looking for. All our signs can be custom made to your requirements.

Fire Safety Door With Conditions
Can be customised

DIG-FSD-CNDTNS Fire Safety Door with conditions 400mm x 100mm

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Stormwater Detention

DIG-SW Stormwater Detention 110mm x 80mm

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Access to Pump Room

DIG-A-PR Access to Pump Room 400mm x 100mm

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Attack Hydrant

DIG-AT-HYD Attack Hydrant 400mm x 75mm

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Combined Hydrant & Sprinkler Stop Valve Inside

DIG-C-HYD-SP-SVI Combined Hydrant & Sprinkler Stop Valve Inside 550mm x 200mm

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FH (Fire Hydrant)

DIG-FH Fire Hydrant (FH) 120mm x 120mm

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Fire Control Room

DIG-FCR Fire Control Room 550mm x 150mm

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Fire Extinguisher Red

DIG-FE-R Fire Extinguisher 200mm x 300mm

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Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant

DIG-FHR-H Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant 450mm X 75mm

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Fire Hose Reel Red

DIG-FHR-R Fire Hose Reel Red 300mm x 300mm

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Fire Hydrant

DIG-FH Fire Hydrant 400mm x 150mm, 450mm x 150mm and 500mm x 200mm

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Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Booster

DIG-FSB Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Booster 500mm x 200mm


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