Digicraft Design

Step 1. Price Calculator

(Min: 5, Max: 500)
Total : $ 75

Brand your products with these rectangular stickers. Petite sizes are perfect for a logo, initials or company name or bigger sizes for packaging


Pre-Cut Labels on Standard A4 Sheet. PRICES ARE PER SHEET

The number of stickers you will get is based on the number of stickers that fit on each A4 Sheet. Example (40up) you will get 40 stickers per sheet

Availabe Size

- 33 x 33mm (40up)
- 50 x 50mm (15up)
- 88 x 88mm (6up)

Download our Template and upload ready to print file or Design online using our Online Designer Studio by selecting "Custom Design" button

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
33x33mm(40up)510$ 15
1120$ 13
2130$ 12
3140$ 10
40500$ 9
50x50mm(15up510$ 15
1120$ 13
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