Digicraft Design

1. Bleed:  Indicates the portion of the card that will be trimmed off when cut to the final size. The purpose of the bleed is to continue colour, image or design to the edge of the card.
Include 2mm bleed all round outside trim for stationery printing and 10mm for Large format Printing

2. Safe Edge: Keep minimum 3mm of safety margin between the crop & important design elements. Critical Elements (text, images, logo etc.) should be located within 3mm of crop or fold.

3. Images:  All images / graphics must be embedded or supplied. Resolution must be 300dpi

4. Colour Mode:   All files should be converted to CMYK, not RGB or Pantone (pantone only when spot colours are ordered)

5. Fonts: Ensure fonts are fully embedded or outlined

6. Any double sided print is recommended to be saved single file. If separate files are created it’s recommended you label clearly
Eg: (1) companyname_Banner_front
(2) companyname_Banner_back

7. Acceptable File Format: We accept files in PDF, EPS or AI Format. We do not accept files produced by document processing applications such as MS Word, MS Excel etc.

8.Scaling: Customers` artwork should be supplied at 1:1 scale. Scaled artwork must be proportional with the final product and Digicraft must be informed of the scaling.

9: Templates: Accurate artwork templates of our products are available on our website. Please dowload from our Template section and use for more accurate artwork.

10. Die Cut:  Artwork to be diecut must include an individual layer of pink outlines in Adobe Illustrator to indicate the die cut. (Note: Diecut outlines must be simplified for cutting, no complex shapes.)

11. BLACK Recommendation: Use 100% K for all text and line work. Use 100% K 45% C for a deep black background. Never use Photoshop's default black setting

12. Artwork Service - You can get the artwork right? Need help with setting up your artwork? Contact us for a quote